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HerStory: The World’s Greatest Female Athletes


Welcome to Janet TV’s mini-biopic show series – “HerStory: The World’s Greatest Female Athletes.” During these approximately 8-minute mini-shows, we bring you the stories and backstories of those who have amazed us with their athletic prowess. These superhumans and their feats of strength, speed, skill, endurance and competitive focus are beyond that of mere mortals. Click below to see the show of your choosing.


“HerStory” mini-biopic on ALTHEA GIBSON – Click Here

“HerStory” mini-biopic on CHRISSIE WELLINGTON – Click Here

“HerStory” mini-biopic on JESSICA ENNIS – COMING SOON

“HerStory” mini-biopic on JACKIE JOYNER-KERSEE – COMING SOON

“HerStory” mini-biopic on MISTY MAY-TREANOR – Click Here


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