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How Track Star Sarah Brown Trained Through Pregnancy For The 2016 Rio Olympic Trials


Read and watch below for the amazing story of mother & Olympic hopeful Sarah Brown training through pregnancy

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Running Through Pregnancy

With the start of the U.S. Olympic track and field trial on the horizon this July, Sarah Brown knows it’s crunch time. The top American 1,500-meter runner and her coach, husband Darren Brown, are on what they call the “smart-but-aggressive sarah-brown-running-pregnant-olympics-janet-tv-500x303-wapproach.” After all, Brown gave birth to her first child one month ago.

While Brown maintained a high level of training throughout her pregnancy, she still has some ground to make up. But if she can be part of the crazy odds of becoming pregnant while on an intra-uterine device (she’s one of the less than one percent of women who become pregnant on a IUD) and give birth to a healthy baby girl, who’s to say she won’t make the Olympic team?

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Olympic running hopeful Sarah Brown who trained all through her surprise pregnancy gives birth to baby girl – and is back on the track just two weeks later

  • Sarah Brown, 28, was having her best ever competitive year this season
  • Had become a favorite to qualify for the U.S. Rio Olympic running teamsarah-brown-running-pregnan
  • However, over the summer she began struggling out on the track
  • Went for blood tests and discovered that she had managed to get pregnant
  • That is despite having had a copper IUD for years, which is 99% effective
  • She is still training and hopes to make it to Rio, despite having her due date just 12 weeks before key qualifying races

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Runner Sarah Brown on Training While Pregnant
How this Elite Athlete Prepared for the Olympics While Preparing for Her Baby

When runner Sarah Brown learned she was pregnant last year, she decided to keep training to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics. In an exclusive interview, she explains what that was like – and how she stayed healthy…

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Track Star Sarah Brown Track on Training for the Rio Olympics While Pregnant

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