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Are Women’s Rugby Players the Fittest Athletes on the Planet?


Are women USA Rugby players the fittest athletes of all? Maybe so. They run as much as soccer players. They sprint like track stars. They elude tacklers like the best running backs. Their stiff-arms could put holes through walls. They deliver bone-crushing “rucks” (driving opponents backwards and off the ball). Their leg-drive can move mountains. Their mental toughness is unquestioned. And, they have no apparent regard for getting hit or hitting the ground. Let us know what you think in the comment space below.

Check out the seven featured players from the 2015 USA Rugby Eagles squad below the video.

USA Rugby: A Day In The Life of Women’s Eagles

Elana Meyers: Making friends on a new team with USA Rugby’s Alev Kelter. (Watch video below.)

Post-game with USA Rugby’s Bui Baravilala.(Watch video below.)

The Strength and Physio of the USA Women’s Rugby Team. (Watch video below.)

USA Rugby’s Jessica Javelet Discusses Her Hat Trick Against England at the Atlanta 7s. (Watch video below.)

USA Women’s Rugby Eagles Scrum Coach Farrah Douglas teaches techniques to scrum like a USA Eagle. (Watch video below.)

USA Women’s Rugby Sevens Take On Russia in Atlanta. (Watch video below.)

USA Rugby’s Kathryn Johnson in Win Over Australia. (Watch video below.)

USA Rugby’s Kelly Griffin Talks The Women’s Sevens World Series. (Watch video below.)

DROP-SIES!! USA Rugby’s Kristen Thomas Was All Set To Score A Try Against New Zealand and then… (Watch video below.)

USA Rugby’s Lauren Doyle and Victoria Folayan. (Watch video below.)

Behind the scenes on game-day with Rugby’s Megan Bonny and other USA Women’s Eagles As They Prepare To Take On South Africa. (Watch video below.)

Greaux Rugby Talks with USA Rugby’s Victoria Folayan. (Watch video below.)


Sport: It’s A Female Thing!

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