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U.S. Women Will Dominate the Rio Olympics and the Men Know It


U.S. women tumble higher and swim faster than ever. They pack knockout punches and violent women-dominate-rio-2016-olympics-janet-tv-1500x1000-w2judo kicks. Their oars slice through the water with unprecedented efficiency. They’re also pretty good at soccer. And water polo. And volleyball — both on the beach and in the gym. And they are seriously fast.

They are the women of the U.S. Olympic team, and they are the main reason why perdicts that Team USA will reign supreme in both the gold and overall medal races when all is said and done at the Games of the 31st Olympiad that begin in Rio de Janeiro next week.

Since 2012, when U.S. women for the first time won more medals than the U.S. men, they have become standard-bearers for their male counterparts, who have begun to lean on them for advice on team building, training techniques, even game strategy.

Consider rowing. The U.S. women’s eight boat hasn’t lost a major race the past decade. In recent months, few have been keeping closer watch of how they prepare and grow together as a team than the young squad U.S. male rowers, who train on the same lake in Princeton, N.J.

The idea that male athletes could learn anything from how women train and compete would seem completely foreign in much of the world. Not in the U.S., not even in the boxing ring… [Click to read the rest of this article on WSJ.]

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