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What Olympian Gabby Douglas Plans to Do After Gymnastics


Gabby Douglas may have accomplished her dream of dominating the world of gymnastics, but the 2-time Olympian isn’t stopping there. And at just 20 years old, you can’t blame her for looking forward into her future with wide-open eyes. She’s currently on the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions with the rest of the Rio Olympic ‘Final Five,’ she recently became the face of Nike, and she just finished a gig as a judge in the 2017 Miss America Pageant.

“I just spent my whole life on gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics,” Gabby told People magazine. “Gymnastics at one point is going to come to an end, and I think that’s with everything, unless you want to keep pursuing whatever and that’s totally fine, but I spent my whole life in the gym.”

The real question everyone really wants to know is, “What do you want to do life after gymnastics?” Though she didn’t reveal much, Gabby told People that “for me, I would love to get into doing a couple of roles here and there, like acting, hosting, stuff like that.”

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