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How to Get Your Abs Back After You’ve Had Kids


Dear Unni: I know you have had four kids and I only have two, but I was wondering if you think it is possible to get a six pack? I gained a unni-greene-babyfat-abs-mainlot of weight with my first pregnancy, 65lbs to be exact on my 5’2” frame. It just seemed to ruin me. And I had two C-sections. I’ve been able to lose 80lbs and can wear a size 2 which I am very proud of, but the belly is still there!  It looks like fat and extra skin and gross. I’m only 28. Please help me! 
Baby Belly
Dear Baby Belly:
It is hard to give specific advice without knowing your personal circumstances. I would tell you that abs are mostly made in the kitchen, meaning that what you eat makes a huge difference. You may already have abs, but they are covered, like you say, with some fat and excess skin from your pregnancies. Remember—to lose fat you have to cut calories to be at a deficit, meaning eating less than you actually burn, so the body is forced to use stored energy (fat) to meet its needs. When you are at a calorie deficit you will lose fat.
It is also important to look at WHAT you are eating. Try cutting out sugar, first of all! Anything that uses added sugar, such as cookies, cakes, candy, even cereals, yogurts, sauces etcetera should be avoided. Sugar Is directly converted to glucose which sets up a host of problems leading to fat storage through the secretion of insulin.
Moreover, if you are trying to get rid of that belly fat, you cannot drink alcohol. Not only are you adding unnecessary calories from the drinks, but you are also cutting down on your fat burning potential by up to 30% by burdening the liver with alcohol. The liver has to metabolize the alcohol first, as it perceives it as a toxin, and all other metabolic activity is compromised!  There are also some supplements that are beneficial in reducing fat, and specifically belly fat. CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid is an essential fatty acid that has been proven to help reduce belly fat. You actually need good fats to burn bad fat!
Generally speaking, you need to be patient. The fact that you stretched out your skin in pregnancy makes it more difficult to get totally tight, but eventually most of the skin will tighten up. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to get rid of that excess skin. I have not had any surgery and I do have some extra skin. However, it’s not too bad so I have decided to accept it and live with it. There are benefits and risks to any surgery, so you must carefully weigh your options. Most people can eliminate belly fat by rigorously watching what they eat.
You should also do abs and core workouts at least three times per week. This can be as simple as crunches and planks. Look for my ab routine right here on JanetTV.
In my book, Eat More To Lose More, I explain all this in great detail and it comes with meal plans for fat loss as well as five fully illustrated workouts. It also comes with a supplement guide that goes into more detail about all this if you are interested!   Go to to get more info!

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