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Are Women’s Rugby Players the Fittest Athletes on the Planet?

Are women USA Rugby players the fittest athletes of all? Maybe so. They run as much as soccer players. They sprint like track stars. They elude tacklers like the best running backs. Their stiff-arms could put holes through walls. They deliver bone-crushing "rucks" (driving opponents backwards and off the ball).

“Real Women Play Rugby” Game Between USA and Brasil

Welcome to Janet TV's "Real Women Play Rugby" Show - featuring the USA vs Brasil at the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013. If you like athletic, tough women playing a very tough sport at the highest level - - this is the show for you. CLICK SCREEN BELOW to play.

Here’s Why Rugby Is the Best Sport for Women!

There isn’t a better time to be a rugby player, coach, or fan in the United States. The rugby boom began in 2010 when Sevens Rugby was added to the Olympics. From there, rugby has been growing across the USA in leaps and bounds. Wait, you say you’ve never heard