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The Ultimate How-To Guide for Girls Who Want to Get College Basketball Scholarships: 5 Steps You Must Take to Get Recruited!


Has the question of how to get recruited to play women’s college basketball been answered for you? If ultimate-guide-to-scholarship-womens-college-basketball-oregon-500x333-wyou are like most high school female basketball players, the answer is no! Most high school athletes just don’t really understand what it takes to get recruited to play basketball at the next level.

Five Steps To Making It Happen

It’s time to stop wondering how to get recruited for basketball, and take some actual steps toward making it happen. Here are five steps you need to start taking today.

1. Develop Your Basketball Resume

Make sure you are tracking your stats and your major accomplishments during the basketball season. You will need them when you put together your resume and you begin making contact with college coaches.


2. Start Collecting Some Film

When you have a good game or do something special, immediately ask your coach about getting some film. Very few coaches (most likely none) will ever seriously recruit you if you don’t have any game and/or skills footage for them to review.

3. Play AAU Or USSSA

In today’s world, you better be playing AAU or USSSA basketball if you want to play at the college level. Not only do you get some exposure and make yourself a better player, coaches want to know that you love the game enough to be playing all year round.

4. Take Control Of Your Recruitment

Don’t wait on someone else or even your coach to make sure you get recruited. Take control of your own basketball recruitment by making direct contact with college coaches. Basketball coaches need players and they will be happy to hear from you if they think you can help their program be successful.

5. Participate at a Showcase Event

Showcase events have long existed for high school boys to display their athletic skills, attract the attention of college coaches and generate scholarship offers. Now, a showcase event has been created specifically for high school girl basketball players to get attention from college coaches, increase their chances of getting recruited and play college basketball. For more information on this event, go to


You now know how to get recruited for basketball. The only thing you need to do now is to get started. If you do, you can have a big advantage over your competition. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get started during your sophomore year, or at least your junior season. Recruiting does not happen overnight.

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This article was contributed by Gary V. Hawkins, author of “Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships.”

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