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The Ultimate How-To Guide For Girls Who Want to Get College Basketball Scholarships gets asked the following questions every single day from our audience of female high school athletes and their parents: How Can I Get Recruited for College Women’s Basketball? How Can I Get a College Women’s Basketball Scholarship? How can girls get a college ultimate-how-to-guide-for-girls-who-want-to-get-college-basketball-scholarships-janet-tv-500x332-wbasketball scholarship? How can girls get recruited to play college basketball? We get it. We’ve got the answers to your question.

Thanks to a partnership with the Elite Basketball Clinic we are creating on this page the Ultimate How-To Guide for Girls Who Want to Get College Basketball Scholarships. We will continue to post on this page a ton of new tips, strategies and other info that will help female high school basketball players get recruited and get college basketball scholarships. Read below and click on the topic that interests you. Good luck!

Best Division III Colleges for Female Basketball Players for 2016.’s ranking (see listing below) of the “Best Division III Colleges for Female Basketball Players” for 2016 represents those excellent Division III colleges that give female basketball players the best education plus the highest career earning potential for graduates plus the opportunity to play college basketball. Our goal with this ranking is to educate high school female basketball players about the reality of, and benefits that come from, playing college basketball.
The 6 Different Levels Of Women’s College Basketball and How to Get a Scholarship! If you are a female high school basketball player looking to make it to the college level, there are some key things you should know about recruiting for women’s basketball. First off, everyone wants to play at UConn, Notre Dame, Baylor or one of the other elite universities, but very few will make it to that level. However, college basketball offers six different levels of competition, each of which provides you with the opportunity to play at the next level.
5 Steps You Must Take to Get Recruited! Has the question of how to get recruited to play women’s college basketball been answered for you? If you are like most high school female basketball players, the answer is no! Most high school athletes just don’t really understand what it takes to get recruited to play basketball at the next level.

Attention! Are you a High School Female Basketball Player Who Wants To Receive A College Basketball Scholarship? Learn about the Number 1 Basketball Clinic that Connects You with Hundreds of Top College Coaches Who Are Looking to Recruit Players Just Like You! Elite Basketball Clinic for High School Girls
How to Improve Your Odds of Playing Women’s College Basketball. Are you looking to compete for a women’s college basketball scholarship? If so, you will soon find out that the competition is very tough. There are thousands of high school basketball playing girls from across the country that you will have to compete with. The basketball recruiting process typically begins during…
5 Ways to Outsmart Competition and Get that Basketball Scholarship! There are thousands of college women’s basketball scholarships available each year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are more than 430,000 high school basketball players in any given year competing for those scholarships. To get an advantage over your competition, you should… Click Here

Basketball Recruiting Myth #1: My High School Coach Will Handle All Of My Recruiting. I Just Need to Play.

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