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5 Ways to Outsmart Your Competition and Get That College Basketball Scholarship!


Are you a girls high school basketball player hoping to make it to the college level? Has women’s college basketball always been your dream? Getting recruiting for women’s college basketball is a challenging and very competitive process. It’s a process you need to learn if you want to play college basketball.


There are thousands of college women’s basketball scholarships available each year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are more than 430,000 high school basketball players in any given year competing for those scholarships. In fact, only about 1% of girls playing high school basketball will play at the Division I level.

To get an advantage over your competition, you should do something to set yourself apart. You must do something to get your name out there among college colleges. Here are five ways you can beat your competition at getting recruited:

1. Take responsibility for being recruited. Most high school basketball players will count on their coach to help them get recruited. Most high school coaches simply don’t take on the responsibility of helping their players get recruited.

2. Determine what level of women’s college basketball is right for you. Most everyone wants to play at the Division I level, but not everyone has Division I talent or size. Get out and visit some college basketball games at various levels and see what level of competition is right for you.

3. Attend some camps and showcases. Attend some camps and showcase events (like the Elite Basketball Clinic) in the summer to get your name out there among college coaches who are involved in recruiting for women’s basketball.

4. Play AAU or USSSA basketball. There are summer teams all across the country playing tournaments during the summer. If a college coach is interested in you, one of the first questions they will ask you is what AAU or USSSA team you played for. They want to know you are working on your game all year round.

5. Market and Promote yourself. Once you know what level of competition is right for you, start marketing and promoting yourself to those programs. Coaches like to hear from potential players because it makes their job of recruiting much easier.

The process of recruiting for basketball can ultimately be a very exciting time for players and their parents. Once college coaches know your name and start sending letters and emails your way, it is a thrilling time in your life. Not everyone has the size or talent to play at Duke, UNC or Kentucky, but there are many small colleges out there with great programs who have scholarships to give and can provide you with the opportunity to play at the college level.

This article was contributed by Gary V. Hawkins, author of “Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships.”

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